Business Professionals Join MLM Companies

Thinking back over the past few years since I first joined a business in the MLM industry, I cannot imagine doing anything different. Although I never consider myself as someone who would join an MLM, I quickly learned that the network marketing industry provides a tremendous opportunity. Any entrepreneur can build a large business, quickly, with low up-front risk. MLM also provides me with a unique opportunity to travel and work from anywhere world, set my own hours, and help many create a home-based business.Multi Level Marketing companies, or MLM, have been around for many decades now, with the early companies and distributors starting in the late 1860’s. MLM opportunities allow anyone to get started with a business, with little start-up and overhead expenses. It is estimated that there are about 2,000 MLM companies, with many more being added all the time.Let me share with you my personal experience. Prior to entering the MLM industry, the bulk of my career experience had been with marketing and sales with more traditional companies. I started to work in training and consulting about 10 years ago and in doing so, I completed advanced degrees in both business management and psychology. With several letters after my name, I thought that I could not be more prepared to work and consult for any company. I also felt that my extensive education would provide job or career security. I also assumed that I could open an office, hire staff, and build a successful practice in a short time. However, I quickly learned I could have not been more wrong in my strategy.As a well trained professional, I returned to the private sector to quickly learn that many companies that had used consultants were out of business or utilizing internal resources to save money. Agencies were overwhelmed with overqualified applicants to fill lesser staff positions, at lower salaries, and many were going out of business. Private practice too had many challenges, with an office lease, utilities, employee concerns, licensing, insurance, and many liabilities that make it difficult to turn a profit.Professionals do join MLM companies!One day I was introduced to an MLM company, and I was hooked. I was initially criticized by my peers, as it did not seem right that a professional would join an MLM company. However, as my business grew many of my peers begin to call me and ask about my success. In this economy, many professional are struggling to survive and break even in their chosen profession. While they work 50+ hours a week in practice, teach part-time, and sometimes see clients on weekends, I am at the beach, traveling to Mexico, and managing my business from anywhere in the world working just 20-25 hours a week; earning more income!There are many benefits within MLM companies. MLM’s generally require a start up that can be less that $100. There are no licensing or insurance requirements. You can work from home, which has many substantial tax benefits. There is virtually no overhead, and the financial rewards are huge. Professionals are seeking these opportunities, and many have moved out of their professional positions and work an MLM business full-time. I found that as I started to work my primary business, it became easy to approach professionals as they were seeking alternative sources of income.Currently, I have personally sponsored several business, medical, and several other professionals with advanced degrees into my business. I have also sponsored many companies, and I have even sponsored the CEO of a 1.5 Billion-Dollar company into my organization. I am often asked how I was able to do this, to which I say… it is easy, I just present them with the opportunity. MLM is perfect for professionals, as it gives them a business that they can excel in and have fun with in the process. It also provides alternative sources of income, and many tax benefits. Best of all, professionals are joining MLM companies for the simple fact that it can be very lucrative; sometime much more so than their chosen profession. A lot of industry research indicates that is you treat your MLM as a profession, and stick it out for 3-5 years; there is a very high chance of achieving a six-figure income and often more! While this is appealing to many, it may be very appealing to an individual with a professional degree; as it just may be much more than they would have earned in their using their professional degree.

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