Google Apps – Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an enormous leap in the technology used by mankind which is understandable and usable by even a lay man with no computer knowledge. That is the success of this feature which is highly scalable when provided with a robust network. In this concept, information on a network is stored in a cloud (A virtual place) and can be accessed and updated by authorized users of the same network. The Google app for cloud computing is Cloud Connect.InstallationThis app is installed by installing a cloud connect plug-in software on Microsoft Windows and running it. Once it is installed all the existing data on the system can be integrated with Google apps and can be stored on the cloud.Using Cloud ConnectThe basic file types in this implementation are Microsoft office files (.doc,.ppt,.xls). We can see the cloud connect being implemented in the following scenario. User1 opens up a.ppt to start a presentation. Simultaneously user2 connects to the cloud and opens up the same a.ppt to edit the presentation. The same file can be edited simultaneously by different users using cloud connect. At the end, all the updates made by both the users are saved. This is an ideal way of working since two users from different locations can work on a single project without hindrance.Version ControlIn the above scenario, for each change in the document, that each user makes is saved as a different versions of the same file. This enables the user to access the a.ppt presentation in any of the previously saved state.BenefitsCloud connect enables:• Single sign-in for all apps on the cloud.
• Easy synchronizing of data on the desktop with the cloud
• Offline updating with intelligent synchronizing options
• Data securityInstalling private cloud using cloud connect saves both cost and the resources spent otherwise. This concept goes a long way in increasing productivity and efficiency, as quoted by one of the businesses implementing cloud computing. Another quote in favour of this service says that it gave a 307% return on investment and that the company broke even in 7 months.Applications of Cloud ConnectThe different key domains where cloud connect can be used are:• Education – The teaching material i.e. drawings, pictures, text, charts and graphs can be stored in the cloud and can be accessed by the teacher as required. Also it helps in easy recollections of subjects learnt before.• Business – All the public documents, HR policies, Project presentations and mail archives can be stored in the cloud to be retrieved as and when required by the employees and also can be shared with the required individuals without having to send attachments via mails, back and forth.• Government Policies – Government agencies require all their data to be confidential and secured in a private cloud.• Non-Profit – They work better with the presence of a cloud which stores all the voluminous information of individuals who are benefited by non-profit organizations.

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