NETGEAR – For Homes and Small Business

NETGEAR products are made for home use and small businesses. Realizing that many computer products were very complicated and with out the help of an IT department dealing with them was very difficult, two men by the names of Patrick Lo and Mark Merrill founded NETGEAR in the 90’s. They wanted to provide products that were easy to use, good quality, and were reliable.They divided over 100 products into three separate categories: Broadband, Ethernet networking, and wireless networking. Since the company began NETGEAR has manufactured over 17 million products for homes and small business. NETGEAR products are sold through global sales, direct market resellers, online retailers, and stores like Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot, and Comp USA.Some of the products you might find among these places produced by NETGEAR are: routers and gateways, switches, network adapters, VPN routers, SSL concentrators, storage solutions, access points and wireless controllers, print servers, VoIP products, Powerline wireless access pints and Ethernet adapters, and digital media receivers. With a reported earnings of over $728 million in 2007 this company has made a name for themselves in the home and small business computer equipment market.NETGEAR has currently added on a few new products to their list such as NETGEAR Digital Entertainer. This device comes in standard and HD quality. It allows the user to listen to music, videos, Internet radio, and other media from your computer to your television, using the home network system.The wireless adapter for Plug-n-Play games, is another new product. This device uses Ethernet ready gaming consoles to connect to the wireless network so that you can play games using the Internet.The last new product of NETGEAR is a WiFi phone with Skype. This Skype products allows users to make fee calls to other Skype users as usual, but what is different about this product is that you can make a Skype call from any hotspot, home, office, or public wireless access point that doesn’t need browser base authentication.By dedicating themselves to home and small business computer products, NETGEAR will have business for a long time to come.

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