Should There Be a Cell Phone Directory?

Recently I received a call on my cell phone. I like to know who the caller is and am wary of picking up any call that I don’t recognise. I did recognize that the number was from a cell phone by the number, but I had no idea who it was. The calling number was not listed in my phone contacts, otherwise their name would have come up. If they had called back, I would have gone out of my way to search cell numbers to see who they are. They did not leave a message, and they did not call back. At this point, I had no alternative but to assume it was a wrong number.The problem that plagues most when they want to search cell numbers is that there are no official directories for these numbers. You already know that you can search for someone’s number through the white pages, and perhaps you even know that you can search in reverse for an unknown landline. However, the plans for a directory that would allow you to search cell numbers was dismissed quickly, and though some still think it is a good idea, it may not come to fruition any time soon.The directories that would allow you to search cell numbers were discarded for a few good reasons. Cell numbers are more private and most carry theirs with them all day. It was condidered an invasion of privacy for someone to find any number to call anyone. Many have pay minutes on their phones. They do not want to be taking calls from just anyone when they have to pay for those minutes. Many even fear that telemarketers could search cell numbers through such a directory to use those numbers to call them.For these reasons, the project is in limbo at the present time, even though it would have been something you would have to be invited to be in. If you did not want to be in it, you would not have to do a thing. This means though, that to search cell numbers, you have to look elsewhere for the numbers or information about numbers that you need. Searching through the search engines for the number is a good idea, and professional networks can be good sources for this information as well.You can try searching cell numbers through sites that help with these numbers along with some landlines that are private, hidden, or unlisted. These sites can find information on numbers that you can not find anywhere else. Some are free to search cell numbers, but you only get vague information. However, if you are willing to pay, some sites can provide good details. Depending on how badly you need the information will determine if you wish to pay or not for the information.

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