Using the PBX VoIP Phone in Modern Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) involves the transmission of voice signals over Internet lines and data networks. VoIP allows users to place phone calls from just about anywhere using a broadband Internet. VoIP calls are placed using conventional telephones, computers, or special IP phone systems. Customers with computer-based services place calls using a microphone or headset.Because of mobility, cost savings, and flexibility, millions of businesses have switched to PBX VoIP, with many more in the process of switching. The business VoIP industry has been projected to double by 2010. In most cases, Business VoIP PBX includes an Internet connection directing calls over a private network. A business VoIP PBX phone provides many advanced features that include desk to desk calling, quality phone calls, automated attendant, managing extension, and much more.One important advantage of using PBX VoIP for businesses is the low long distance rates compared to traditional land line telephone services. This is important for businesses with employees that are located in many different geographic areas. Lower rates are the result of digital technology where users are on the same network even if they are in different locations. Also, VoIP providers do not have to maintain infrastructure like traditional telephone providers so the savings are passed on to the customer. VoIP consulting often use the savings to offer special features with no additional fees such as conference calling, follow-me call forwarding, voice mail, voice mail to email, and synchronized ringing of cell phones and home phones.Another benefit to using PBX VoIP is its mobility. After a PBX provider installs the VoIP service, transferring phone numbers is as easy as unplugging the IP phone and plugging it into the new location. There is very little hardware and no expensive circuit reconfiguration. As well, employees who travel frequently have the ability to use the system no matter where they are in the world. They can answer the business phone from their cell phone or laptop. Some PBX VoIP providers sell “virtual numbers” that have other area codes allowing the customer to be charged for a local call.As data based technology, PBX VoIP has a number of technological advantages. Some of these advantages include web and video conferencing, calls that are directed to an “Automated Attendant” giving the impression of a much larger company, can be used to screen where calls are directed, and allows customer service representatives to see customer information when a call comes through allowing for a quicker and improved quality of service. PBX VoIP can also be programmed to block specific phone numbers, or place them on “virtual ring”, where the call does not come through. For faster payments, the credit card machine line can be left on 24 hours a day 7 days a week thereby delivering fast card number validations at a low cost.Not only is PBX VoIP telephone systems cost effective, they help boost employee productivity. Some productivity enhancements include reducing the time it takes to connect with contacts, employees have access to a central communication location that consists of fax, email, and voice which allows them to instantly retrieve customer information, both landline and cell phones can be programmed to ring at the same time before going to voice mail thereby reducing missed calls, and employees have the ability to hold virtual conferences.Switching to business PBX VoIP has never been easier and affordable. It is important for business owners to do their research to find the appropriate service and features to meet their company, employee, and customer needs. To succeed in business, keeping up with technological advancements is essential. PBX VoIP is one of those technological advancements. To help make the decision regarding the best PBX VoIP provider, businesses can use comparison resources like, a shopping source for residential and business VoIP phone services.

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